Man wants $140, broken Maine ATM spits out $37,000 BREAKING NEWS 5 APRIL

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Man wants $140, broken Maine ATM spits out $37,000 | BREAKING NEWS – 5 APRIL

Man wants 0, broken Maine ATM spits out ,000 | BREAKING NEWS – 5 APRIL

For more Latest and Breaking News Headlines

A malfunctioning ATM at a bank in Maine has dispensed ,000 in cash to a man who requested 0.
South Portland police say they responded to the TD Bank branch Thursday morning after getting a call from a woman who said a man was spending an unusual amount of time at the ATM she was waiting to use. Officers found the man stuffing cash into a shopping bag.
The money was returned to the bank. Bank officials say they don’t want to press charges. But police continue to investigate. The man hasn’t been charged.
A bank official describes the problem as a “code error” and says no customer accounts were affected.

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Icy storm stretching from Texas to Maine-News

Another round of wintry weather is affecting a large portion of the U.S. just as many are setting out for holiday traveling. Many areas from the Texas Panhandle to northern New England are being affected by a dangerous ice storm. Meteorologist Eric Fisher of CBS Boston station WBZ has the latest.

Green Energy News Tesla Self Driving Car, Drunk Moose, Maine Pipeline Fight

Green Energy News This is Green Energy News, I’m your host MrEnergyCzar. We’re covering Electric Cars, Renewable Energy, the Environment, Peak Oil and everything in between.

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• In England, Nissan Leaf drivers travel 500 miles in one day. Now that there’s an electric highway there, long road trips can be accomplished despite the Leaf’s 75 mile electric range. The chargers are at the rest area’s along the highway route and can charge a Leaf in 30 minutes.

• Tesla may have a self driving autopilot electric car within three years. 90% of the driving duties will be handled automatically by the car while the remaining 10% is done by the driver. Nissan and Google are also working on self driving cars.

• Tar Sands Oil may be coming to New England. Big Oil has been taking steps to run a pipeline from Montreal, through Maine, to the coastal city of Portland. The grassroots opposition groups may be no match for the oil company’s deep pockets with their armies of legal staff and PR firms. One Tar Sand oil spill could permanently scar Maine’s fishing industry.

• In Sweden, Moose have been getting drunk and causing problems. The Moose have been eating fermented apples right off the trees. One moose drowned in a pond while another got stuck in a tree. Another dragged a swing set almost a half a mile before getting away.

• The world’s largest solar thermal power plant has started producing electricity in California. Three separate towers have a circular array of mirrors reflecting the sun back towards the tower. The water in the tower turns to steam which turns the turbines. The plant can power up to 200,000 homes.

• England’s first green power company, Ecotricity, is now offering clean power for less than the price of fossil fuel power. Renewable power will reach parity with fossil fuel power in different countries at different times. The main reason is different countries give different levels of subsidies to fossil fuel power plants. The first nails have already been driven into fossil fuel’s coffin.


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Produced by: Dustin Salmons

Missing Maine Man Found After Walking Up to News Crew

Missing York County, Limingtonman found, walks up to WMTW News 8 crew
Robert McDonough, 73, safe after 14-hour ordeal. McDonough approached WMTW News 8 anchor/reporter Norm Karkos shortly after 6:30 a.m. after Karkos delivered a live update. McDonough began speaking with Karkos and identified himself as Robert McDonough.

Maine From The Air Video

This presentation takes you on an odyssey of breathtaking views over one of the most picturesque states in the nation from its rugged ocean coastline, to its breathtaking mountains and forests.

Embracing The Season

spring-brookLeo Tolstoy wrote that “Spring is for plans and projects.” With nature’s rebirth, there is an urge to rejoice in the thaw and the hope of growth.  I could feel the hope bubbling from the (still partially snowy) ground when the days got warmer and sunnier in Portland this week. I have been thinking of plans and projects since it got above freezing. Hello Spring!

ladyslipperIn the space of a few days, we got our first ice-cream stand treat at Lib’s in Portland, had a truck full of wood chips dumped on our yard in preparation for making some garden paths, bought spring green seed mixes for the garden (and contemplated putting them in the ground), ironed summer clothes and made iced tea. Rushing the season? You betcha.

I don’t know if I will ever truly embrace the winter here but my appreciation for spring and summer have multiplied. I understand why gardening is such a popular hobby in Maine in spite of the short growing season. After months of burying ourselves in scarves and down coats and hibernating, when we can finally go outside without a coat on, it feels downright magical.

Spring in Maine is horribly unpredictable, though.  You blow the dust off your flip flops and then it snows and you are back in boots. I was a bit dispirited to read in the Farmer’s Almanac that an unseasonably warm patch in mid-April (hello!) will be short-lived, as a late-season snowstorm follows right on its heels here in the northeast. Cold temperatures, it says, will persist through early May.

Perhaps the seeds aren’t ready for the ground yet but our enthusiasm does not need to fade. After all, warm weather does eventually come and stay, right? Right? So, with that in mind, here are five things I do now, even if temperatures alwaysinseasoncoverdip, to help me get in the spirit of the season.

1.Buy some seeds. Even if you don’t have much space, you can grow some lettuce or herbs in a container.

2.Walk Back Cove in Portland as often as possible.

3. Open up Elise Richer’s book “Always in Season” and get ideas for what to do with spring produce – like fiddleheads, garlic scapes and arugula.

4. Bike a part of the Mountain Division Trail (or at least get the bike tuned up so it’s ready for the trail)

5. Sprout some seeds indoors. This is a satisfying, inexpensive and easy project for adults and kids.

Maine Fishing Season

The open water fishing season officially began on April 1 and not a moment too soon as far as I’m concerned. With snow banks in my driveway still above the bumper of my 2000 Dodge pickup it’s hard to see an end to this winter but, the start of the fishing season is always a good sign. I plan on dusting off my fly rod and testing the waters just as soon as the ice goes out :(.

The Maine Inland Fisheries & Wildlife Department puts out a free “Open Water & Ice Fishing Guide” The is filled with useful information for anglers. If you are a seasoned fisher-person you should download a copy and read up on any new regulations before heading to your favorite fishing hole.

Here is a link to the 2014 guide:

Don’t forget there are a few “Free Fishing” days where any person may fish without a license. These days are May 31st and June 1st.