Green Energy News Tesla Self Driving Car, Drunk Moose, Maine Pipeline Fight

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• In England, Nissan Leaf drivers travel 500 miles in one day. Now that there’s an electric highway there, long road trips can be accomplished despite the Leaf’s 75 mile electric range. The chargers are at the rest area’s along the highway route and can charge a Leaf in 30 minutes.

• Tesla may have a self driving autopilot electric car within three years. 90% of the driving duties will be handled automatically by the car while the remaining 10% is done by the driver. Nissan and Google are also working on self driving cars.

• Tar Sands Oil may be coming to New England. Big Oil has been taking steps to run a pipeline from Montreal, through Maine, to the coastal city of Portland. The grassroots opposition groups may be no match for the oil company’s deep pockets with their armies of legal staff and PR firms. One Tar Sand oil spill could permanently scar Maine’s fishing industry.

• In Sweden, Moose have been getting drunk and causing problems. The Moose have been eating fermented apples right off the trees. One moose drowned in a pond while another got stuck in a tree. Another dragged a swing set almost a half a mile before getting away.

• The world’s largest solar thermal power plant has started producing electricity in California. Three separate towers have a circular array of mirrors reflecting the sun back towards the tower. The water in the tower turns to steam which turns the turbines. The plant can power up to 200,000 homes.

• England’s first green power company, Ecotricity, is now offering clean power for less than the price of fossil fuel power. Renewable power will reach parity with fossil fuel power in different countries at different times. The main reason is different countries give different levels of subsidies to fossil fuel power plants. The first nails have already been driven into fossil fuel’s coffin.


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